Garrett County
Food Access & Infrastructure Initiative

Connecting rural communities across Garrett County with access to high-quality & locally grown foods + developing local systems to ensure long-term solutions to food insecurities in Western Maryland

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We’re pleased to introduce you to our community of collaboration!

Partnerships are the key to successful initiatives and this is no exception! The Population Health, Innovation & Informatics unit within the Garrett County Health Department received a funding award to create a food security subcommittee within our Health Planning Council to ensure issues related to food security are included as a community priority. In addition, the funding allowed GCHD to improve access to fresh local produce in remote areas of the county.

A formalized partnership was created with the Western Maryland Food Council, adopting the Garrett County chapter as the subcommittee for the Health Planning Council. An Action Group titled, Food Council is the centralized community engagement hub influencing Garrett County’s Community Health Improvement Plan. All are encouraged to join and participate in the decisions around food security that impact many of our friends and neighbors! Garrett Growers is the farmer cooperative supplying the produce and transportation to ensure our Veggies On The Move initiative is fully stocked and available in both Kitzmiller and Friendsville once a week. Our local library system graciously allows us to stand the markets up at their locations in each community, while our local DHS guides community members through the SNAP benefit process.

TREMENOUS 🎉 Thank You To All Of Our Partners!

Garrett County Health Department, Western Maryland Food Council, Garrett Growers, Garrett County Government,
Garrett County | University of Maryland Extension, Ruth Enlow Libraries of Garrett County, + Our Fantastic Garrett County Community!


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Veggies On The Move!

Veggies On The Move!

The Population Health, Innovation, and Informatics Unit within the Garrett County Health Department received another funding award!!!! For this special project, we are working closely with Willie Lantz and Melissa Bolyard as representatives of the Western Maryland...

Garrett County Food Access Brochure

Compiled by the Western Maryland Food Council, Garrett County Chapter

Food Brochure
Food Brochure
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