The Garrett County Health Department had the opportunity to participate in a Health Fair for students at Southern High School on Wednesday, April 19th, in the Auxiliary Gym during the 3rd Period.  Over 200 students participated in the event, and many of those students joined!  We held a random prize drawing for the students that signed up, and Levi Campbell won the $100.00 Sheetz card! Mrs. Destiny Tichinel pulled it all together and had a successful and informative event for the student body. has many things to offer all ages, and random prize drawings are a huge motivator as we walk together toward improved well-being! If you don’t have a free account, sign up today and start earning your points to spend in the prize shop! It’s a great way to stay informed and motivated with positive messages.

John Hollingsworth is one of the students that is usually behind the camera; this time, I got him in action!

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