Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone 13 years or older with a valid Garrett County address is eligible to participate in the initiative.

Others are welcome to learn and register for an account, but prizes will only be awarded to those with a valid Garrett County address.

Yes, all of the data reported in surveys is recorded by a separate survey system that is embedded in Go! Garrett County.

However, your profile data, and any additional information submitted outside of surveys marked “Anonymous Activity” are publicly visible and considered public health open data.

No, your account will only record points after the first view of a video or interaction with a written article.

Points can be earned multiple times for daily visits and referring your friends!

Yes! At certain times throughout the program you will get extra points for creating your own content to share.

Any service, place, or inclusive group that adds to the growth of the economic, physical, spiritual, and environmental aspects of the individuals in that community.

At this time, prizes will be mailed or delivered by a member or team leader from Go! Garrett County, so make sure to double check your address when redeeming rewards in the prize shop!

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