It’s handy to know a few dieticians that can help us with healthy eating on our wellbeing journey. Lisa, featured in this video, is a dietician like Amy Ritchie who was featured in a previous post ( Both Lisa and Amy are trained nutrition professionals who maintain board-certified credentialing and have extensive experience. We are fortunate to have them both working for our community. Feel free to reach out to them!

Here are some healthy soup recipes for you to try using some of the techniques Lisa shares in her PowerPoint with us! (Some even incorporate an Instant Pot – remember, we have those in the prize shop to help you cook foods quickly, so you have more time to tend to other areas of your wellbeing!)

For healthy and delicious soup recipes to try out your new skills check out

If making soup isn’t’ your thing, stop by the Vagabond and get a bowl of Stephanie’s homemade vegetable soup by using your prize points in our prize shop. It’s Lisa approved and totally awesome! (Learn more about our free meal promotion at

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