Join Us For The Appalachian Trail Virtual Challenge – +3 Prize Points

by Jun 16, 2021Chronic Diseases, Community Programs, Physical Activity

Join the Go Garrett County Team Challenge To Help You Conquer Your Fitness Goals. Walking, cycling, or running (any distance-based exercise) will get our team the 1,968 miles it takes to complete the Appalachian Trail!

Here’s how you join us:

  1. Go to the Rewards shop and click on the Appalachian Trail Prize
  2. Add it to your cart and then visit your cart to fill out your contact information.
  3. Go! GC will purchase the Challenge for the first 25 people who fill out the information in the Rewards Shop and will notify each person of the start date and log-on information.
  4. Exercise on your own or meet up with fellow teammates to keep motivated!


  1. Jamie Winters

    I can’t register or work I get a ghost character and then I have to go back to home page but would like to register please

    • John

      Hi Jamie! Please try registering now. If you saw a little ghost with an error message, you probably caught us between updates on the site. If you have any issues, please email us at [email protected], and we can assist. 🙂

      • Jamie winters

        I am all registered thank you


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  1. Deb ❤️ 802
  2. K Pfaff ❤️ 742
  3. John ❤️ 727
  4. Sadie Liller ❤️ 710
  5. Dee ❤️ 704
  6. Shelley Argabrite ❤️ 680
  7. Jen Sober ❤️ 576
  8. Amy Ritchie ❤️ 535
  9. Chelsie dever ❤️ 507
  10. Sarah Humberson ❤️ 483
  11. Susan Mills ❤️ 447
  12. Tammy Jo Walling ❤️ 436
  13. Lori Reichard ❤️ 424
  14. Natasha Coddington ❤️ 421
  15. Janine Beachy ❤️ 403
  16. Lacy Coffren ❤️ 376
  17. Hannah Brown ❤️ 376
  18. Chrissy ❤️ 371
  19. Alisha ❤️ 354
  20. Thomas Dodge ❤️ 312
  21. kay perry ❤️ 310
  22. Kiara ❤️ 289
  23. Thomas George ❤️ 289
  24. Jenny ❤️ 280
  25. Juliet Sanders ❤️ 269

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