There are so many benefits to getting outside in the winter! A winter hike provides me with a chance to clear my mind while getting in some low impact exercise. My favorite part of the hike is exploring everything along the trail with my little pup! If you are able to do so safely, we invite you to get outside! The abundant blessings of nature are waiting for you to take them in. We have the gift of a lot of open space in Garrett County with numerous trails in several parks. If that’s not your thing, try walking around our quaint downtowns. A hot cup of coffee or tea is even better after a little time outdoors! Here’s a blog I like that gives you a few other benefits –

Safety is always important and there are some smart things to do when we venture out: always let someone know where you’re going, and take extra precautions to avoid getting too cold. Here are more tips from Dr. Tenforde,

If you or someone you know is struggling this winter to stay warm, please contact Community Action and ask for Katie at 240-321-5700. She will get you or the family you know the help that’s needed. is a great place to learn more about different agencies and volunteer efforts that help our community. Join an action group and get involved if you would like to help in efforts to keep our community warm!

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