Congratulaitons Again! Our participants continue to do well and have stayed relatively consistent throughout the Challenge. Most individuals submitting their steps get between 30,000 to 50,000 a week. The Swanton High Steppers have one person on their team that skews our averages (in a significant way) and has ranged from 117,722 steps in a week to an astounding 151,531! Stay tuned to virtually meet the person who has recorded the most steps in our Fitbit Challenge and learn about their commitment to daily activity that is sure to inspire! It’s not too late to join the Go! Fitness Challenge here:

1Swanton High Steppers83,058
2Brenda T75,606
3Jennifer V74,473
5Fitbit Challengers63,806
6Teresa D61,892
8Bailey’s Buds40,413
9Chafing The Dream37,337
10Fleet Of Feet35,305
Week 7 Results

Saturday, it’s Global Fat Tire Day! Please find the details on our events calendar here: Some of you joined us last year; check out this post to learn more about Deep Creek Adventure Bureau

The banner photo was taken at last year’s event!

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