Turns out a lot of us are these days, so if you are, rest assured you are not alone. Locally the Child and Adolescent Wellness Workgroup https://mygarrettcounty.com/groups/increase-adolescent-well-child-checks/ administered a survey to both parents and kids in Garrett County and the results let us know that stress and anxiety are your biggest concerns. That workgroup open to anyone who would like to participate can join by visiting mygarrettcounty.com, or if you’re interested in the data mygarrettcounty.com is the place to find it! Their latest effort focused on creating a Provider Guide to help families get the professional services they need in Garrett County. The guide can be accessed here https://garretthealth.org/?s=provider+guide.

The revised guide includes information on providers, contacts, services available, providers accepting new patients, telehealth opportunities, same-day service availability, ages served, insurances accepted, office hours, and additional information.

For more information about this comprehensive new resource, please contact the Garrett County Behavioral Health Authority at 301-334-7440.

We also found an incredible resource that helps both parents and teens from the comfort of home. This site, https://parentandteen.com/strategy_plans/teen-stress-management/ offers practical strategies based on science that work really well. There’s even a way to create a personalized plan that helps teens develop coping strategies to pull from the next time they feel overwhelmed. Let us know if you have found any of the resources listed helpful in the comments below. 

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