Hello, dedicated steppers! We’ve received a dozen team step entries so far; it’s the last day to submit for the previous week, so don’t forget! We’ve noticed some of you added new people to your teams. That’s a beautiful idea because research tells us that when we have a group of people to help us support our fitness goals, we are more likely to stick with it! We have many prizes to award, so keep building your support network!

You guessed it, my destination was Blackwater Falls! We can still award points for participating in the stair challenge if you send me an email with a photo of the stairs you choose to climb by Oct 30th, or another personal challenge that showcases your activity!

Bonus round!

Approximately how many steps to the falls:

a) <50

b) 50-74

c) 75-100

d) 101-250

Email [email protected] the answer for a chance to win 25 bonus prize points by Oct. 30th.

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