It’s a time of giving thanks, it’s with our deepest gratitude that we extend our thankfulness to our military families and veterans.

Below you’ll find the text of the White House Proclamation

White House proclamation issued on November 1, 2021:

America has the greatest Armed Forces in the history of the world. To those who serve and those that serve alongside them — their families and caregivers — we owe a debt we can never fully repay.

During National Veterans and Military Families Month, we recognize and thank them for their indispensable contributions and immeasurable sacrifices in support of our national security. As we approach this season of thanksgiving, we send our gratitude to millions of service members, veterans, military families, caregivers, and survivors who have served and continue to serve our Nation.

I have said many times, and it comes from my heart — we as a nation have a sacred obligation to properly equip and prepare our troops when we send them into harm’s way and to support them and their families, both while they are deployed and when they return home.

The First Lady and I know that it is not only the person who wears the uniform serving our country but also their families who make enormous sacrifices for our nation. As the poet, John Milton wrote, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

We understand the feelings of pride, uncertainty, and fear when a loved one is deployed. Every morning, you wake up and say that extra prayer for them.

Our veteran and military families do so much and ask for little. They are strong and adaptable, changing course to accommodate the needs of our country, often foregoing personal wishes.

They are capable and proud, holding down the home front during their loved one’s deployments, coping through their absence and the risk of danger, and helping them readjust when they come home.

These families and their soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, guardians, and Coast Guardsmen, are simply the best America has to offer. When they do not have what they need to thrive, it is not only individuals who suffer. If service members are worried that their spouse is struggling to keep food on the table or that their child is having a hard time at school, it is harder to focus on their mission.

That is why supporting military families is a national security imperative.

Since the earliest days of my Administration, we have been committed to a whole-of-government approach to responding to the real-time needs of our military and veteran families. Through Joining Forces, the White House initiative to support veteran and military families, caregivers, and survivors, my Administration is addressing military spouse employment and entrepreneurship, military child education, and family health and well-being.

The First Lady has met with our Nation’s military and veteran families, caregivers, survivors, and advocates to learn how we can better support and prioritize their needs. Those discussions help inform the efforts across the Government to share data, create innovative solutions, and implement evidence-based programs and policies.

In September, Joining Forces and the National Security Council released a report outlining the first round of Administration-wide commitments and proposals for supporting military and veteran families, caregivers, and survivors.

We are committed to continuing these efforts because we must, and we will, honor our sacred obligation to support our military and veteran families and ensure they receive the resources they need to thrive.

Throughout November, we show our appreciation to the spouses, partners, children, caregivers, and survivors of our service members and veterans for their selfless sacrifice on behalf of the nation. We honor them and their invaluable contributions; we share their pride in our Armed Forces, and we will never forget what they and their loved ones do for us.

Locally, several businesses acknowledge Veteran’s, here are two upcoming opportunities

The Veteran’s Yoga Project is a nonprofit organization supporting recovery and resilience among our veteran’s families and communities. They are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of military veterans by offering free services. The Shut-In Veterans Christmas Project is sponsored each year through the American Legion Post 71 and the VFW post-1007 this program provides shut-in veterans in Garrett County a $100 Visa card during the Holidays.
There are two fundraiser classes to benefit The Veterans Yoga Project and Veteran Christmas Project. 
1) Veterans fundraiser yoga and relaxation class held Tuesday, November 9 from 7 to 8 PM join Tina in person or online to experience the many benefits of yoga as we recognize and bring awareness to veterans gratitude week this class will offer a gentle practice for relieving stress, anxiety, and insomnia. A deep relaxation process will conclude the class to help relax the body, calm the mind, and aid in a more peaceful night’s sleep. Please plan to join us as we recognize veterans gratitude week, this class is open and beneficial to everybody, you do not have to have experience with yoga to participate. Please have a blanket and a cushion along with a yoga or exercise mat. We will be excepting donations for this class to support two organizations The Veterans Yoga Project and the Garrett County Shut In Christmas Project. This class is free to all veterans.–

2) Join Tina on November 19, 2021, at 6:30 PM for some fun-lightenment! This class will include pampering our feet while learning the benefits of reflexology and making an aromatherapy pampering product. In addition, you’ll receive a $15 raffle ticket along with appetizers and refreshments, additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase- each ticket is $35.00. Space is limited if the class is full we may offer another date.

Tina Dick, Yoga Teacher & Reflexologist will be leading the classes. For more information call Tina 301-616-8795 or email- [email protected]

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