Join us for our first hike of the series tonight at 5:30! We are starting with the Yellow Trail and meeting at the Ranger Station or Herrington Manor State Park Office. This is the easiest hike of the series to ease us into a summer of activity!

Thirty Prize Points will be awarded for attending each hiking event as we build our endurance for the culminating (5.5 miles) in August! If you prioritize them all and make it to each hiking event in this series, you’ll get an extra 100 bonus points in August!

In case you missed the first post, here’s a recap of what to expect:

June 5: Yellow Trail:
1 mile: Easy: We’ll start at the Ranger Station, Herrington Manor State Park Office, passing by the cabins
that were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Then before we start the loop on the Yellow Trail
we’ll see the foundation of the Manor House, crossing Herrington Manor Lake Road, and traverse
through a pine forest.

June 19: Red Trail:
1.6 miles: Moderate: We’ll start from the Lakehouse. This trail will take us through a mixed hardwood
forest and a pine-filled forest. This trail has a few rolling hills to traverse.

July 3: Green Trail:
1.7 miles: Easy. Starting from the Ranger Station, we’ll pass through a large pollinator meadow and
enter a mixed hardwood forest, making a large loop.

July 17: Blue Trail:
2.4 miles: Moderate. We’ll start at the Lakehouse and get the biggest hill out of the way first. After that,
we’ll enjoy a mixed hardwood forest, making a large loop in the State Park and State Forest.

Aug 14: End of Summer Hike from Herrington Manor to Swallow Falls:
5.5 miles: Moderate. To culminate the Summer, starting from the Lakehouse, we’ll hike 5.5 miles to
Swallow Falls State Park, shuttles can be arranged. This trail may seem long, but the varied terrain will
make the miles pass by quickly.

For more summer activities, check out the events calendar:

Photo Credit: Luke Mongrain

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