This is the team to beat, with 378,520 individual steps and an average of 94,630 between four people! We keep gaining traction in more ways than one! We are picking up more people weekly and increasing our step counts. Consistency is the key, and I’ve noticed certain days of the week are much easier for me to get my goal of 11,000 per day. Based on the competition below, I need to bump my goal and move more! We are coming for you, Swanton High Steppers (wink wink)

Here’s our top 10 ranking:

#1Swanton High Steppers378,52094,630
#2Karen M63,045
#3Jennifer V61,686
#4Fitbit Challengers365,41060,901
#5Fleet Of Feet163,23854,412
#6Misti G50,794
#8Teresa D47,296
#9Fred’s Girls221,46944, 293
#10Chafing The Dream128,68542,895

If you are interested in joining us visit to learn more and sign up for the Fitbit Challenge!

In the comments below, tell us what new healthy habit you’ve recently tried!

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