Our Swanton High Steppers are on a winning streak, great job! There has been some shuffling of our leaderboard, many moved up in place while a few dropped down. Wherever you are today, know you are supported and celebrated in this online community! Movement and activity are cumulative and anything you can do today benefits your body and mind! Let’s keep moving and chase down the Swanton High Steppers, the weather is on our side to finish strong!

Here’s our top 10 ranking:

#1Swanton High Steppers367, 50591, 876
#2Jennifer V81, 749
#3Brenda T77, 013
#4Team DZ150, 11775, 059
#5Fitbit Challengers436, 56772, 761
#6Teresa D55, 812
#7Misti G46,629
#8Chafing The Dream128,17142,724
#9Fred’s Girls210,63842,128
#10Bailey’s Buds83,69641,848

If you are interested in joining us visit https://gcinmotion.garrettcountyapps.com/ to learn more and sign up for the Fitbit Challenge!

In the comments below, tell us your plan for moving a little bit more in the next few days!

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