Ready to see what all the hype is about? Pickleball is everywhere these days, and we’re playing in both the Northern and Southern ends of the county. It’s been explained to me as a mash-up of tennis, ping-pong, and bad mitten that’s approachable for many. It piqued my interest, and I’ve added it to the “must-do” fall activity list!

Here’s what I’ve read: pickleball uses a much smaller court, lighter rackets, and smaller balls that are easily lofted over the net! Be warned, like with literally anything, it can get competitive. For me, this adds to the fun, and I forget I’m exercising!

If you have a flexible schedule or are retired, there is a friendly crew that plays twice a week when the weather is nice. On Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m., they play in Grantsville at the town park on Miller Street. On Fridays, they play at Veterans Park, in Mountain Lake Park, off Route 135; coming from Oakland, turn left at I Street, near the convenience store. To get on the informal email list, that lets you know if they will be there with the portable nets, send an email to [email protected] and request to be added. Then, make the time to try it! It looks like this Wednesday, October 4, 2023, is going to be a beautiful fall day, perfect for Pickleball!

Our generous partner, CareFirst, has funded the Population Innovation, & Informatics Unit to increase access to fitness opportunities to help improve the health & wellbeing of Garrett County. In our second year of funding, we asked community members to apply for small awards that would help us collectively accomplish our goal. On behalf of the Senior Health & Fitness Club at the CARC, Brooke McConnell submitted an application to purchase portable pickleball nets, and paddles that community members can utilize. This is truly a grassroots effort led by community members. It’s great when a plan comes together with funding, infrastructure, volunteers, and the passion to create inclusive opportunities!

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