That trip across the Country must have been what made Week 3 (Oct 24 – Oct 30) such a blur! Thank you for all the comments in the posts; we appreciate learning more about your goals and motivations to increase mobility through movement! Jamie W suggested we track how many times we can make it to the West coast and back, so let’s do it! But first, we need to announce our random prize winner, Deb Swiger, who won a $100.00 Sheetz Fuel card for participating in the Go! Challenge. Below is Deb Swiger, with her husband Tom (fellow teammate) and their team namesake, Bailey! We appreciate each participant and celebrate the personal efforts everyone makes as we endeavor to stay as healthy as possible!

TEAM: Bailey’s Buds!

We are currently in Week 4 (Oct 31-Nov 6) of our Challenge, if you know someone who would like to join us send them to this link to learn more and sign up! Join at any time and start earning points and random prizes!

Remember you only need to submit your steps once for the week. For week four, you submit your step log between Monday, Nov 7, and Wednesday, Nov 9. You are already well into your steps for the next week when you are submitting for the previous week! Tomorrow we will see if the Swanton High Steppers kept the trophy or if another team pulled ahead!

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