It’s officially the holiday season! A time when our focus tends to shift toward others. It’s easy to forget to prioritize the gift of movement for ourselves. Let’s use all the proven tips and tools we’ve been learning along the way to stay in a grateful and motivating place. Below are the results for week 6, great job everyone!

1Swanton High Steppers91,111
2Brenda T82,769
4Fitbit Challengers76,738
5Jennifer V74,686
6Teresa D68,263
8Chafing The Dream38,504
9Fred’s Girls37,479
10Fleet Of Feet34,474
Week 6 Results

Stepping with intention as we close out the first afternoon of week seven, make your plan!

In the comments below, tell us your team goal! Is it a certain ranking? Perhaps it’s meeting to walk a few times, maybe it’s moving every hour. Put it out into the universe and let this community help you!

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