Learn mindfulness techniques that bring peace and help us manage our fears, feelings, and stressors. Increase self-compassion and decrease stress to promote wellness in many areas of life. A team of professionals trained in mindfulness from The Center for Mind-Body Medicine https://cmbm.org/ will be releasing a series of videos for the entire family to help cultivate these helpful tools.

Mind-Body Skills Training was provided for various counselors, teachers, and school administrators with a grant through the Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center to serve the needs of the students enrolled in Garrett County Public Schools. The training included eight days of training to share The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s proven model of Self-Care and Group Support, as well as, commitments to conduct at least one 8-week Mind-Body Skills Group and two community workshops. The training provided everything needed to meet these obligations, including a PowerPoint for the 1-hour workshops and a supervisor to guide to facilitate groups. However, classes are not currently being held due to COVID-19, but that won’t stop these dedicated professionals as they put together all the tools they learned and pass them on in a different format, now to the entire community. Right now safety is still our top concern and there are many techniques that can be conveyed over video and or written articles. Take what serves you and pass the news along as we continue to work together to cultivate more ease into our daily lives.

There are a lot of resources out there and you may not connect with all of them. It’s important to find something that does work for you. Here’s a really inspiring story about Adam and several different links for you to learn more. Keep seeking ways to create space in yourself and reduce stress! https://www.mindful.org/peace-begins-with-me/

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Adam’s 2019 TED talk
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