Personal trainers are excellent teachers and supportive and enthusiastic champions of physical fitness. Their overall goal includes not only teaching their clients, but helping them develop confidence by providing them with the encouragement to stick with the programs they’ve built for them to achieve their fitness objectives.

Suppose you’re new to exercise, and walking into a gym with free weights is intimidating. In that case, you can benefit from a personal training session as they work one-on-one to design programs tailored to significantly impact the client’s individual goals while keeping to their capabilities. They teach you the proper form and monitor your movement to help prevent injury.

Personal training is also an excellent tool for people who have had the same fitness routine for a long time. I love routines and morning rituals, but the workouts themselves should be anything but routine! The type of movement we’re doing should be fulfilling for our body, mind, and heart! We are dynamic beings, and the type of workout we’ve been doing may not be serving the changing needs of our body.

Several local personal trainers in the area are wonderful resources to help you on your fitness journey. In our Go! Garrett County Prize Shop, you can work with one of the most experienced personal trainers in the area. Jen Sober has a long list of certifications, personal racing accolades, and fun classes to join in her local studio. You can earn enough points to try her classes and work with her in personal training sessions! On Go! Garrett County, we are all about improving access for people to try new things. Basically, you get free stuff because being healthy is our goal! You can earn points by reading blog posts, commenting, and participating in events, & special fitness challenges. Right now, our Go! FOR IT Challenge is underway, so join us and start cashing in those points with Jen Sober!

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Jen’s hosting a special balance workshop on Jan 28th from 11:30-1:00 with Ally Bee Yoga, click the link for more details:

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