In our sixth week of this Fitbit Challenge, we want to let you know how grateful we are to each of you for sharing part of your movement journey with us! Collectively we’ve made it to the west coast and headed north into Seattle, where it happens to be 49 degrees and sunny today (LOL), but we know our Challenge crew is creative (look at the team names below) and won’t let a little cold weather stop you from chasing your goals! Some of us have slowed up, perhaps relaxing with a coffee, and others seem to be scaling Mount Hood. Whatever your pace, remember that consistently doing your very best to move is what we’re after in this initial Challenge!

1Swanton High Steppers86,748
2Jennifer V85,184
4Fleet Of Feet67,565
5Fitbit Challengers56,565
6Brenda T55,756
8Fred’s Girls46,111
9Chafing The Dream41,014
10Bailey’s Buds39,050
Week 5 Results

Jennifer V has advanced from the third position and is on the heels of our reigning champions, the Swanton High Steppers! With a few days left in week 6, will Jennifer V take the #1 spot? Let’s keep moving and having fun in this community Challenge and see what happens next! There are more prizes and fun ways to participate ahead.

In the comments below, tell us about how you did something unexpected to help someone. The first three people will receive a gratitude journal that allows a person to create lasting behavior change. Building community, fostering kindness, and having a sense of belonging is essential to our well-being.

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