Long-term goals are those we want to accomplish over months to years. Short-term goals are the building blocks to the longer-term goals and can be met within days or weeks. To assist us in making goals both meaningful and measurable, let’s explore the following questions:

  1. How does this relate to your vision and values?
    • How does your goal help you reach your vision of your best health?
    • How does your goal reflect what is important to you in your health?
    • What is meaningful to you about reaching this goal?
  2. Create goals and the action steps to reach them by asking, “how will I know I have been successful?”
      • What outcome would you like to see in 3-6 months?
      • How will you know you have been successful?
      • What actions can you take that are under your control to reach your goal?
      • What will you do to reach that goal in 3-6 months?
      • Given your current commitments, is this goal realistic for you?
      • How realistic is this goal for you now?
      • Many people do best when their goal feels like a reasonable stretch. How reasonable of a stretch is this goal for you?
    • TIMED
      • What is the right time period to reach your goal?
      • When will you start?
      • How long/often will you …?
      • What day(s) will you …?

Examples of SMART Goals and action steps to get you started:

3-6 Month GoalI will be less stressed in 3-6 monthsIn 3-6 months, I will have a regular mindfulness practice for 15 minutes each day.
Action Step #1This week I will learn more about mindfulness classesOn Monday evening after work, I will do a computer search of mindfulness classes in my area and pick one to sign up for.
3-6 Month GoalI will exercise on most days of the week.In 3-6 months, I will jog for 45 minutes either outside or on a treadmill for five days of each week.
Action Step #1This week I will jog twiceAfter work on Monday and Wednesday, I will jog around my neighborhood for 20 minutes.
3-6 Month GoalI will get more sleepIn 3-6 months, I will sleep 7 to 8 hours per night.
Action Step #1I will go to bed at a regular timeI will go to bed with the lights out, no devices, and no TV by 10 p.m., every night this week.

Take a few days and think about your goal and the action steps you need to implement. Start small and be realistic! You can do this!

You’ll submit your first goal on Monday, January 16, 2023.

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