It begins with knowing what you want. Are you ready to make some positive changes?


Set realistic goals and add frequent reminders to visualize your optimal self as you reach your goals.


Log your progress weekly by completing the form at Complete your first form for “GO! FOR IT” on Monday, January 16th.


Earn points while making positive changes, and cash them in for prizes that make healthy choices easier.

We’ve just finished a team step challenge, and it was awesome! We’ve logged over 20 million steps, and people want to keep going! There is a spot on the form to continue tracking steps for each individual. If you want to focus on additional areas, the option is there for you to do that as well.

Here’s how to earn the maximum amount of points now:

  • Read the blog posts that teach, motivate, and provide resources on various topics of well-being and comment on the post while signed into your account (10 points each time)
  • Attend GC In Motion events (50 points) per event


Health & Well-Being Coaching will be available to a limited number of people! The details on how to sign up will be in a post next week. Be watching!

We will continue to draw names for random prizes and highlight participants’ accomplishments. Of course, opportunities to earn additional points will pop up to encourage and celebrate!

Tomorrow will be a detailed post about setting goals. Read that carefully and take the weekend to think through what you want to focus on for the next several weeks. Monday, January 16th, 2023, will be the first time tracking form you submit.

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