After quite a streak as reigning champions, the Swanton High Steppers have been overtaken! Brenda T has won the Challenge for week 8, and the Fitbit Challengers, just 1,591 steps behind, receive second place! Great job, everyone!

1Brenda T79,920
2Fitbit Challengers78,329
3Swanton High Steppers77,168
4Jennifer V72,636
5Teresa D70,007
6Team DZ64,852
7Fleet Of Feet49,855
8Bailey’s Buds41,133
9Fred’s Girls41,107
10Chafing The Dream35,291
Week 8

Week 9 Rankings are below- Swanton High Steppers grabbed first place right back! The Fitbit Challengers maintain second place! Points will be awarded accordingly. Remember, if you would like to earn more points, you can always explore previous posts and find new content that you may have missed, don’t forget to comment to maximize your time!

1Swanton High Steppers115,373
2Fitbit Challengers75,062
3Team DZ72,532
4Jennifer V71,827
5Brenda T69,791
6Fleet Of Feet59,134
8Bailey’s Buds53,634
9Teresa D46,309
10Fred’s Girls43,876
Week 9

The icy weather has made it a bit tough this week; there are only so many laps you can do inside! However, it’s almost 40 degrees, the ice is melting, and the weekend is within reach! Although the sky is a bit gray, any movement increases blood flow in your body and produces endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin; these hormones help create happiness, energy, and love. Regular exercise boosts your “feel good” hormones, so beat these dark days and finish week ten strong by reaching your goals. We only have two weeks left of the Fitbit Challenge. 2023 will bring new opportunities to build on the consistency of the physical activity foundation you’ve been building for the last several weeks, and you’ll be so glad you did!

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