We are moving into the New Year with an exciting new opportunity for our community! CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst), approved a competitive grant application for the Garrett County Health Department in the amount of $92,986 in response to the 2021 Place-Based Strategies: Diabetes Request for Proposals. This award is in support of the GC In Motion proposal that is all about improving access and affordability of physical activity options for more people in Garrett County! Numerous partners were written into the funding some familiar and many new! We’re joining forces with additional service organizations, clubs, and non-profits to implement some great new ideas to increase health equity! Purchases of adaptive equipment, like wheelchairs built for rocky trails, and financial awards to each of our municipalities to make improvements for access in public parks/spaces are a few of the ways we’ll be giving back.

Working together to keep moving, to eat as healthy as possible, and being good friends who support one another will keep us on our wellbeing track! Ensuring more affordability and opportunities for residents to choose the healthy option, first is one way we will continue to prevent, and manage chronic diseases in Garrett County.

On this final working day of 2021, on behalf of the entire team, we are grateful for all of our partners and participants! You make the work we do meaningful, thank you! Please fill out the survey for the last quarter if you haven’t already. We use this data to inform our decisions and to get more funding! (It helped us get THREE new grants this year with a focus on diabetes) https://gogarrettcounty.com/survey-3-checkpoint/

Don’t forget about the awesome opportunity for our medical community, share it with your provider! An evidenced-based self study course with free CME’s for them and free membership to the Obesity Medicine Association. Check it out here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14jiCW1gaaDf1jAycSQbmiaeIko2nMB7ee8gpaeODq0E/edit

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