Are there health behavior changes you have wanted to make but have not known how or haven’t been successful? Has a new health concern arisen that you want to pay particular attention to? Have you been trying to lose weight, improve your sleep, and incorporate mindfulness? Your new health coach will help you in each of these areas. Health coaching effectively motivates and supports health behavior change through a structured partnership between the community member and the coach. A health and well-being coach helps community members develop and realize their optimal health vision through inquiry, personal discovery, and accountability. For a limited time, Go! For It, Challenge participants can sign up to receive free health coaching. Connect with your health coach from the comfort of your home by connecting over the phone or online!

Why is it effective in helping people realize their optimal health?

  • Coaches work with the whole person. They listen to your concerns and ask powerful questions to help motivate you to make the desired changes.
  • Coaches explore what is most important to you in your health and allow you to choose your course of action.
  • Coaches guide you through a process to maximize the possibility of your success.
  • You and your coach work in partnership to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for moving forward toward your goals.
  • Coaches support you in tracking your weekly progress and hold you accountable for your commitments.
  • Coaches provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes.

What are appropriate topics for health coaching?

The coaching relationship is unique. The coach and the client form a partnership to better equip you to realize your optimal health vision based on your own goals and values. Any concern that gets in the way of taking care of your optimal health is a great place to start with your coach.

Health and Well-Being Coaching Is Now Being Offered To GO! FOR IT CHALLENGE participants!

The changes that make a difference in health happen over time. In coaching, we know that the most effective way to make change is to learn from taking small steps toward a meaningful goal. How many sessions, the duration, virtual or over the phone, and the process for missing a session are discussed.

If you want to make changes and feel you would improve your health working with a health and well-being coach, email [email protected] or call 301-501-6161 to sign up. Ask me about the 300 prize points you’ll receive! The cost of the coach’s time is covered through grant funds to improve access to health and well-being for all residents of Garrett County, Maryland.


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