Let’s find 2 hours and 30 minutes this week to engage in moderate-intensity physical activity for our well-being! We need to get moving and find ways that help us sustain fitness. There’s a group from the CARC Senior Fitness Club that has taken it on the road. When the weather cooperates, they play Pickleball every Wednesday and Friday morning.

I promised to try it and report back – it was so much fun! I went to the park in Grantsville, and a group of people were playing with a small ball and rectangular rackets. Pretty sure I was in the right place, and if not, the Travel Mug was across the street! I walked up, introduced myself, and asked them if I could join. They were so welcoming and friendly! I watched for a few minutes, and then Bridget handed me a racket, and I started to learn the rules and how hard to hit the ball. I was bundled up and quickly shed my layers as my heart started pumping faster! I wasn’t shamed off the court for messing up a serve or missing a shot! This is an incredibly encouraging group and perfect for beginners.

We aim to increase access to physical fitness, and social interactions are a big part of that experience. I promise this is a group of people who want you to learn. They are patient, fun players who keep the environment upbeat! Everyone is welcome! Consider joining them this week to mix up your routine or kick-start it again! Playing a game is a fantastic way to chip away at the 150 minutes of physical fitness we need weekly. I didn’t look at my watch once during the game to see how much longer I needed to play. On the treadmill, I look at it every 45 seconds.

Details can be found on our calendar: https://gcinmotion.garrettcountyapps.com/community-calendar/On Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m., Town Park in Grantsville on Miller Street. On Fridays, at Veterans Park, Mountain Lake Park, off Route 135.

To get on the informal email list, reach out to [email protected] and request to be added. Then, make the time to try it! It looks like this Wednesday, November 8, 2023, will be a good one to try Pickleball!

Our generous partner, CareFirst, has funded the Population Innovation & Informatics Unit to increase access to fitness opportunities to help improve the health & well-being of Garrett County. In our second year of funding, we asked community members to apply for small awards to help us collectively accomplish our goal. On behalf of the Senior Health & Fitness Club at the CARC, Brooke McConnell applied to purchase portable pickleball nets and paddles that community members can utilize. This is truly a grassroots effort led by community members. It’s great when a plan combines funding, infrastructure, volunteers, and the passion to create inclusive opportunities!

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