In response to comments from yesterday’s post, SAME! We feel you; our entire team has slowed the pace this week. 

At the track, a waving yellow flag tells the drivers/riders that there is an obstruction on the racing surface, and it prepares them to slow down and take necessary evasive action to avoid the incident. 

Seasonal weather shifts, preparing for a major holiday (additional stressors included), and altered schedules are factors many of us are navigating. Sticking to our racing analogy, any of these are enough to get the yellow flag waving.

Here are a few encouraging tips:

You are not alone; we are running this race together!

Plan to meet and walk. It could be with someone in your Challenge group, with family visiting from out of town, or with a friend trying to escape all the family time, lol! We are likelier to stick to it when someone else depends on us. So, reach out, and schedule a time to meet and walk while you catch up. It’s such a healthy way to support one another and stay moving.

Embrace the cold. I know it’s harder to bundle up, but our hearts don’t have to work as hard; we sweat less and expend less energy, so we are more effective in our workouts! Today, there’s sunshine in town; get some!

Ditch the All-or-Nothing Approach. This week we’ve slowed down, the yellow is waiving, but the race isn’t over! As soon as we can, let’s get back on the gas! Reflect on your goal, visualize your ideal health state, and do what you can to make it happen!

Presents help, too 🙂 – Mandy Dewitt is our random prize winner this week! As a motivating member of the Fitbit Challengers, Mandy is also an active contributor to our social posts and has participated in every bonus round! I’ll catch up with you next week Mandy to pick up your Air Fryer!

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