That’s a wrap; another season of practicing yoga at our cherished Herrington Manor State Park has concluded for the season. So far, over 300 people have participated in yoga classes through GC In Motion! We had some familiar faces every week, but most were newcomers to the class who had never tried yoga. It makes our hearts happy to know we are helping you by increasing fitness opportunities at no cost.

In evaluation, we always ask whether anyone is better off because of this program. The answer is a resounding yes from so many!

Feedback is starting to trickle in. To share what class meant to you, record a brief video so we can share it with our funder, CareFirst, and hopefully do it again next year! If a video’s not your thing, email me a brief written testimonial – [email protected]! Your voices are powerful; thanks for considering.

Here’s the link for the video (note you can record as many times as you want before you submit it)

Some of you still haven’t officially signed up for Go! Garrett County and are not getting the points you are earning by visiting the site- that bums us out! We invite you to join our Go! Garrett County community, and start officially earning your points! It’s a win/win, and the prize shop is a lot of fun!

Keep checking our calendar; we have so much more to share.

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