Kids love to imitate their parents (and grandparents!) — so show your family how you’re taking steps to protect your heart.

Follow these tips to be a heart-health role model for your family:

  • Talk about your family health history. If heart problems run in your family, you can take steps to lower your risk. Starting that conversation with family members is the first step.
  • Get active together. Family time is a great time to be active! Go for a walk or bike ride together or kick a soccer ball around in the park. If your kids or grandkids see you enjoying physical activity, they’ll be more likely to give it a try.
  • Share healthy meals. Mealtimes are a great opportunity to pass on healthy habits. Ask your kids or grandkids to help you shop for healthy ingredients and cook a meal to enjoy with the whole family.

Learn how to be a heart-health role model:

For more information from Heart Healthy Steps click here: Be a Heart-Health Role Mode – Heart Healthy Steps

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