Every step counts! Engaging in any form of physical activity, whether fast-paced and intense or slow and intentional, can help boost our mood as our body releases endorphins. On Go!, we’ve been running a community step challenge for over a year. We have people who submit their activity logs weekly; some have dropped off and rejoined, but we keep picking up new people! If you haven’t joined in this part of Go! Garrett County, we invite you to try it for the first time or return and keep adding to the collective. It’s pretty simple to submit your activity; visit this site to learn more: https://gcinmotion.garrettcountyapps.com/. Recently, we celebrated a milestone: 67 Million+ steps! In response, Lori Reichard, a participant and fellow public health colleague, shared, “I Googled it, and it said, a total of 52,592,000 steps to walk the distance equal to the circumference of the Earth. These folks have gone even further!!” That’s a neat perspective and helps inspire me; thanks, Lori! Today is a new day, and we have another opportunity to do something good for ourselves! Let’s get outside and go for a walk because every step counts!

For those interested in losing weight, there is an important distinction when it comes to the intensity of our walks:

Our body’s calorie-burning process differs after completing a walk based on the effort and intensity of the activity. Walking faster takes our bodies longer to “recover” and return to our resting heart rate. While our heart rate remains elevated during this recovery period, we CONTINUE TO BURN CALORIES! That means our bodies are still burning calories even after we stop walking. Prioritizing intense activities like faster walks or taking on the hills increases our heart rate. We’re working hard and feel it; it’s harder to carry on a conversation, and the muscles in our legs may be burning. This is the kind of activity that when we reach the top of the hill, and it’s easier, our bodies still burn calories like we’re still climbing. High intensity for shorter bursts is more beneficial when trying to burn calories.

Regardless of the type of exercise, how long, or how intense- every step counts and benefits our body and mind!

Remember, always consult your primary care provider before starting any new fitness program.

Source: https://blog.nasm.org/certified-personal-trainer/myths-of-weight-management-you-have-to-exercise-at-a-low-intensity-to-burn-fat

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