Many thanks to all of the volunteers who come together to make events like the Global Fat Bike event on Dec 4, 2021 possible! AJ is one of the most approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate people in our area when it comes to bicycles! You’ll find him working on bikes at his bright green bike shop located in Oakland’s Town Parking Lot, and at events, local parks, or on organized rides. AJ shares the same goal as Sarah from Deep Creek Adventure Bureau, and Pat who you can find on his Facebook group called Garrett County Outdoors. They all just want people to get on bikes and enjoy our beautiful area TOGETHER! In the video you see caring people making sure the equipment won’t let you down. Knowing your bike is serviced and is in good working order promotes safety and confidence!

I did not have the opportunity to film any trail maintenance but rest assured Luke Mongrain, Park Services Supervisor has the trails ready for Saturday’s event. The entire staff at Herrington Maner works very hard to provide a safe, beautiful place to enjoy. Thank You!

Bikes might not be your passion and that’s okay, but we do encourage you to find activities you will enjoy! Groups naturally form when people are passionate about the same things- hiking, walking at local parks, dancing, running, you get the idea. Schedule your physical activity like all of the other important items on the to-do-list, spoiler alert, you feel so much better after you do it!

YES, we are still giving prize points for comments and enjoy the engagement- this time we want you to reach out to someone who has encouraged you to try something new and thank them, you can tell us about it in the comments below

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