Please take a few minutes to check in with us via our latest wellbeing survey. We are awarding participants 50 extra points to take it! The information helps us stay in tune with where you’re at and to see if this program is helping you improve your wellbeing.

Our goal is to continue helping individuals by highlighting resources, and bringing you fresh, encouraging ideas that add healthier options to your life. This is our third wellbeing survey and it’s pretty neat to see where we started and compare it to today! You can have the confidence to share candidly as all of the survey information is set up separately and is not connected to your account. Everyone can view the questions and results from all of the surveys by visiting the home page and clicking on Well-Being Data.

Our rewards store is still full of great prizes to redeem so take the survey today, earn a quick extra 50 points and start shopping! Take the survey by clicking here: Thursday is the last day for prize pick-up before the holidays.

If you didn’t take the last survey but want to today- you can do so by clicking here please note we are only awarding 50 points to take the current survey once.

Join the discussion below by answering the prompt (Tell us your favorite self-care activities), and you’ll earn 5 MORE prize points for each post through the end of the year!

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