Walktober Day 29 – Something Fun To Do Saturday! – Oakland Farmers’ Market

by Oct 29, 2021Walktober

Join us as we celebrate the close of the season Saturday, October 30th. Bring the whole family for food, fun, and fresh, locally grown goodness!

  • Hayrides starting at 11:30
  • Apple grabbing
  • Carved pumpkin contest! Enter your carving for the chance to win prizes!
  • Pumpkin pinata
  • Prize walk
  • Dozens of vendors offering the region’s finest and freshest farm goods!

Mountain Fresh Winter Market dates November 6, 20, 26-27, and December 4 and 18, to be held at Mountain Fresh Pavillion until an indoor space is available. 

BONUS! Take a photo at the Farmer’s Market or a local trail and email it to [email protected] for a bonus 10 Go! Prize Points! (Photos must be submitted by Friday, November 5th, 2021.)

How did you do with your fitness goals today? Did you get in your 6,000 steps?, 10,000 steps? Did you grab your favorite hat and bundle up to stay active outside? Join the discussion below, and you’ll earn 3 MORE prize points each day during Walktober!

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  1. Kathy Skipper

    I am really going to miss the wonderful summer produce.

  2. kay perry

    This sounds like a great time. Plan on bringing my family too.

    • Deb

      Hope the weather clears for this! Wear masks!

  3. Jen Sober

    This is so Fun. I love this time of year!

  4. K Pfaff

    I love going to the Farmer’s Market as often as possible.

    • Dee

      Fortunate to have fresh local options! Love our Garrett County produce❤️

  5. Jenny

    Reached my goal of 10,000 steps!

  6. Amy Ritchie

    I love going to the Farmer’s Market and seeing all the produce and other goods being bought up and the money going to our local farmers!

  7. Lacy Coffren

    Sorry that I didn’t hear about Saturday’s activities sooner. And I love going to the farmer’s market.

  8. Thomas George

    Grateful for our local farmers and producers! Try to be a “locavore” to support good health and our local economy. Keep moving together, Garrett County!

  9. Amy Wilburn

    Looking forward to doing a market day.

  10. Missy

    I enjoy the Farmer’s Market every year!


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  1. Deb ❤️ 976
  2. K Pfaff ❤️ 853
  3. Dee ❤️ 850
  4. John ❤️ 790
  5. Shelley Argabrite ❤️ 746
  6. Jen Sober ❤️ 714
  7. Amy Ritchie ❤️ 676
  8. Sarah Humberson ❤️ 596
  9. Chelsie dever ❤️ 527
  10. Lacy Coffren ❤️ 511
  11. Lori Reichard ❤️ 504
  12. Susan Mills ❤️ 447
  13. Tammy Jo Walling ❤️ 436
  14. kay perry ❤️ 431
  15. Chrissy ❤️ 426
  16. Natasha Coddington ❤️ 421
  17. Jenny Fike ❤️ 421
  18. Jenny ❤️ 415
  19. Janine Beachy ❤️ 403
  20. Hannah Brown ❤️ 376
  21. Thomas George ❤️ 376
  22. Alisha ❤️ 354
  23. Thomas Dodge ❤️ 325
  24. Kiara ❤️ 289
  25. Lisa Welch ❤️ 259

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