Walktober Day 19 Activities @ the CARC

by Oct 19, 2021Walktober

Staying active as we age helps us maintain our health and vitality! If you are 60 years or older, living in Garrett County, Maryland the Senior Health & Fitness Club located at the Community Aquatics & Recreation Complex (CARC) may be a great fit for you. Senior fitness classes like yoga and water aerobics are offered twice a week. Access to the pools, exercise equipment, and the fitness studio is included in the membership. Over the next few days, we’ll hear how this program is helping people!

Call Brooke McConnell, site manager at 240-321-5457 for all of the details. You can also find updates on Facebook @carcseniorcenter

This program is managed and run by Garrett County Community Action who has made a commitment to get everyone moving! If you’ve never given the CARC a try, it’s time! It’s a beautiful facility with welcoming staff. Brooke makes visitors feel right at home and helps people who have never been in a gym, or taken a fitness class safely begin.

As our weather begins to change, it’s time to think about an indoor plan for staying active. We would love to hear what you do indoors, please share with us! Remember we’re still giving away extra points this month when you comment.


  1. Deb

    With the stupid surge of Covid in this county….I don’t think I will be going inside anywhere again for quite some time! But everyone else, please enjoy, have fun and stay safe!

  2. Amy Wilburn

    My son is 25, and he just loves the facility. Apparently it works for all age groups. =)

  3. Kathy Skipper

    I think this is a wonderful new program. I have not yet taken advantage of it, but I plan to.

  4. Amy Ritchie

    What a great program for Seniors! I have been encouraging TOPS members who are age 60 and over to check out what the CARC has to offer! There are not many occasions when I wish I was older, but this is one I wish I could take advantage of!

  5. Jen Sober

    The Aqua Fit classes at the CARC are a fabulous choice!!!!
    For those not ready to get inside public places yet, Fit With Jen Studio and i believe Jazzercise has virtual classes offered daily.

  6. Jenny

    Love the CARC! My gym of choice.

  7. K Pfaff

    Sounds like a great community resource. 🏊‍♂️

  8. Dee

    WaterAerobics are a lot of fun. Great choice when it’s too cold to be outside.

  9. kay perry

    I walked around Grantsville yesterday and up to the school to pick up my granddaughter. What a beautiful day.

  10. Thomas George

    Wonderful! We will share this with our patients and families!


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