We’ve been talking about nutrition and healthy eating for a long time. A unique funding opportunity has brought us to a place where we can use the feedback thousands of people have given us over the last few years to bring our community a solution we hope catches on!

I’m so excited to purchase my first Harvest Hub Meal. Beginning this summer, I’ll be able to pick up a really nice dinner that will comfortably serve four adults. The best part is that it’s locally sourced! The meat, eggs, produce, fresh herbs, and berries are from the Harvest Hub CSA. My money is staying in Garrett County to help more farmers grow for their community! What about you?

This Harvest Hub Meal takes the guesswork out of preparing the ingredients because everything I need is included, along with a recipe and an instructional video!

Spill the beans and tell us if you want to try the Harvest Hub this summer by clicking the link below to take the survey. Be sure to share with all your friends and family. Those folks using SNAP will be able to pay with their SNAP benefits!

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