The core of the Population Health, Innovation & Informatics unit within the Garrett County Health Department is applying innovative, fresh approaches and harnessing untapped opportunities. The Garrett County Harvest Hub is no exception. Backbone Food Farm, Honey Moon Farm, and Ma & Pa’s Country Store are awesome. We love working with this team of farmers who have such a passion for helping others. Let’s support them in the comments below; I can hardly wait until the first food box is ready in July. A link to pre-order those boxes will be shared soon.

As promised, when our team wins competitive funding awards, we create opportunities to strengthen our local economy, create more access for marginalized populations, and cultivate a community of collaboration. The second funding application is ready, and we’re excited to welcome more partners to this unique initiative. Access the application below:

The need to alleviate food insecurity, reduce obesity rates, and enhance the health of Garrett County residents is ever-present. We’re looking for innovators who truly care about other people. Please share your ideas with us and become part of the solution. If submitting an idea for funding isn’t something you can do right now, there are other ways to get involved.

Don’t forget! – You can also share your voice and be part of the decisions that shape your community by joining Search for the Garrett County Harvest Hub action group to provide additional feedback about this initiative. 

About the Garrett County Harvest Hub:

The Garrett County Harvest Hub is a new program created by the Garrett County Health Department’s Population Health, Innovation, and Informatics Unit to increase access to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) opportunities, expand and educate local farmers on SNAP, and improve SNAP recipients’ utilization of local food systems and fresh foods to prevent and reduce chronic diseases.

With Gratitude, 

Shelley Argabrite and John Corbin of the Garrett County Health Department’s Population Health, Innovation, and Informatics Unit

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