You are the ultimate owner of your life and your health. Being in the driver’s seat requires a good map. It is essential to know your starting point and your destination. This means knowing what your health is today and what you would like your health to be going forward. This may be a new way to think about it; many of us think about our health only when there is a lack of it, like when we’re sick. Whole person health and well-being means we understand our life goals and what contributes to our sense of wellness over time.

Rather than set new year’s resolutions, take a little time to think about where you are now and where you want to be.

We’ll begin with two simple questions:

  1. How do I picture my health? (how would I like to feel and look? What activities would I like to be able to do?)
  2. What is most important as I think about the picture of my best health?

Write these questions down along with your response to them and put it somewhere you will see it daily.

Knowing what you want and understanding what you value will help us customize the well-being pathway that will take us through 2023 to support the goals you set for yourself.

We are restocking the prize store and want more input; please take this quick survey and let us know what you want to see! Additionally, you’ll be entered to win our Go! For It 2023 Prize Pack that includes the Rachel Ray Cooking Set, resistance bands, salad spinner, meal prep kit, and a weighted jump rope!

Fill out the form here:

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