Jennifer V85170
Swanton High Steppers76615
Teresa D75182
Brenda T74978
Bailey’s Buds54934
Fleet Of Feet46242
Fred’s Girls40680
Chafing The Dream32389
Top Ten Results For Our Teams (final team results), Way To Go, Everyone!

The straightforward solution to health is to keep stepping! Movement is like an elixir for longevity, so let’s keep it up! As our new year rolls on, we will shift to an individualized approach to well-being. We want you to keep moving so you’ll track your steps/activity the same way, but you’ll also have the option to focus on other areas and customize your goals. The tracking form is still in the same spot but with a few different ways to record your individual progress, so keep moving and letting us know how many steps you take. We will be launching “Go For It” on Wednesday. Based on your feedback from the survey, we will be focusing on weight loss, nutrition/recipes, the mind-body connection, and loads of activities to keep us engaged with one another! There will also be various ways to earn more points and new prizes in the shop!

Wednesday is our first activity of the new year at 4:00 – 5:00 pm; check out the calendar for more information- (after you click the link, scroll down the page):

Wednesday is also the Go For It launch. The post will have all the details! Until then, keep moving and submit your comments below!

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