Choose Healthier Options – It’s Diabetes Awareness Month

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Mitzi Wiltison, RN, CDCES

We are so thankful for Mitzi and the work she does in this community! I’m especially thankful we have options and can choose to cut out added sugars in the beverages we drink. After watching this I also read the label on the delicious yogurt I’ve been eating every morning and realized why I like it so much- it has 24 grams of sugar in one serving, which is my daily limit at 7 a.m.!

Experts agree that sugar intake is a major cause of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. We are not asking you to go wild and cut every gram of sugar out of your diet, but we do want you to know how easy it is to go overboard. Drinking one sports drink, or soda is all it takes to reach the limit or in many cases triple or quadruple your “NO MORE THAN” daily intake!

MEN- No more than 36 grams of sugar per day

WOMEN- No more than 24 grams of sugar per day

Today, stop and think about what you are eating and drinking! Before you take another sip- ask yourself if this is the best choice you can make for yourself today. Look at the label and try to cut your sugar intake in half, by only drinking part of it. Today, we hope you’re inspired to make a small change, like skipping the soda or sweet tea altogether and trying some healthier alternatives!

Join the discussion below by answering the prompt (Let us know if you read your food labels and if anything surprised you. Did you cut back on a beverage or food with added sugar today?)- please let us know you are aware of your risk in the comments below and lets work together to express our thanks and share our local resources), and you’ll earn 5 MORE prize points for each post through the end of the year!

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  1. Deb

    I have a very hard time trying to cut sugar from my diet. I have returned to drinking caffeine free coke daily. Finding it harder to change my eating habits than it was quitting smoking.

  2. Sarah Humberson

    I used to drink the bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos when I was in college. Since then I’ve switched to hot coffee with unsweetened oat milk. The calories that we drink definitely add up!

  3. Lori Reichard

    I try limiting sugar in my drinks by mainly drinking water. However, I admit that it does get boring at times and I will drink half of a 16.9 bottle of Lipton green tea citrus for dinner to break up the boredom. And I just cannot break the habit of drinking a regular Coke when I eat pizza!

  4. Sadie Liller

    I find it hard to to give up my Pepsi. I have however reduced how many I drink a day and have been drinking water.

    • Deb

      Same here.. except I prefer caffeine free coke.

      • Deb

        Miss the daily articles. October spoiled me!

  5. Kathy Skipper

    Early on in my diabetes journey, I realized that added sugar drinks would send me over my daily limit very quickly, and leave no room for any other sugar/carbs in my diet. I missed carbonation, so I started drinking the flavored seltzer drinks and once in a great while I have a diet soda. I also like hot herbal tea, and enjoy it without any sweetener. If I am going to have sugar/carbs, I would rather have a cookie or even mashed potatoes, instead of a sugared drink. It is a better trade off for me.

  6. Lacy Coffren

    I try to drink more water. And I find it easier to limit sugary drinks when I put it into perspective as mentioned above: “Do I want this soda or a cookie or other treat?”

  7. kay perry

    I have reduced by sugar drinks and I like drinking different flavored teas.

  8. Jenny

    Great information! Definitely going to be reading my food labels more.

  9. K Pfaff

    I often check food labels to get a sense of what they contain. I also prefer natural ingredients as much as possible.

  10. Amy Wilburn

    When I started researching this, I couldn’t believe the amount of sugar just in fruit alone. Although it’s natural, it’s still still sugar. But still better than a candy bar!!!! Right ??🍫 🥰🥰

  11. Jen Sober

    I love water and changing up the way it tastes – sometimes i like to add a few squeezes of lemon and other times a pitcher of water with cucumbers soaking in it to give it a fresh taste. Fresh Mint is also great in water to give it some natural flavor

  12. Thomas George

    Thank you for sharing this GREAT information, Mitzi! I try to avoid sugar, concentrated juices, corn syrups, and other refined carbohydrates every day, mostly by using a whole-food approach to eating. Reading labels is key to finding sugars disguised as healthier sounding alternatives like “rice syrup” or “concentrated fruit juice.” Drastically reducing my sugar intake actually improved my sense of taste and appreciation for the natural flavors and sweetness of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  13. Amy Ritchie

    Great information Mitzi! Sugary drinks are so addictive and can be challenging to give up especially if sugary drinks have been your drink of choice for many years. Some people do best by going cold turkey and others do better by drinking less and slowly weaning themselves off the sugary drinks. Do what works for you! A small change such as cutting back is better than making no change at all.

  14. Dee

    Now that we have cooler temps. Hot tea with small amount of honey is a nice change. Made sure it’s caffeine free. Good to have till tastebuds can go with out any sweeteners.


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