SIMPLY INCREDIBLE! We are so proud of our community’s commitment to movement, activity, and embracing healthier lifestyles this holiday season! In just twelve weeks, our teams have collectively logged 20,524,874 STEPS!

As the Go! Fitness Challenge comes to a close, we want to celebrate YOU! You showed up, put in the steps/activity to make a difference in your daily life, and worked hard to set a new routine or reinforce a healthy one!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, as we announce the new GO! FOR IT IN 2023 Challenge (using data from the surveys you’ve completed), and embark on the next step of our health and well-being journey together!

If you haven’t submitted your survey yet, be sure to enter the prize drawing here before the end of today (1/10/2023):

John Corbin (BS, CPT, MCPT, CSNC)

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