Lifting up others is what Go Garrett County is all about! The reward points some participants are earning are climbing into the 500’s, those with the highest points log in daily. It reminds me of exercise, the benefits really start to show up after a person commits to doing something every day!

The wonderful thing about earning reward points here or exercising is that every little bit counts. So if you check in a few times a week you can still earn some great stuff. Regarding exercise, the Institute of Medicine still holds to their 2002 recommendation that at least 420 minutes (one hour per day) of moderate exercise is the minimum to prevent becoming overweight or obese. Doing something as often as we can is still better than skipping exercise. The more we prioritize our health, the better we are going to feel.

This post celebrates a few of our participants who have chosen to spend some of the points they’ve earned on some great prizes! All of the prizes were carefully chosen to enrich healthy lifestyles. If you are thinking about spending some points this month, the next prize pick-up is July 29th, so place your order soon!

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