We’re beyond excited to see the renewed excitement for Walktober, and the OVERWHELMING interest in the Go! Fitness Challenge that will run thru the end of 2022. Thank you all so much for your patience as our small, but mighty team has been working to respond to the emails, calls, and inquiries about this exciting new program from the Garrett County Health Department!

The challenge officially starts on Monday, October 10, 2022, and here’s everything you need to know:

  1. We encourage everyone to register in advance (but this is not a requirement), so that we have a roster of individuals and teams participating. You can register your team, or as an individual here: https://bit.ly/go-fit-teams
  2. As a reminder, you can participate with any fitness tracker, whether it be a Fitbit (from our CareFirst program, or your own), Apple Watch, Samsung Smart Tracker, Amazon or Walmart fitness tracker (MorePro, Amazfit, etc…), or even a simple pedometer!
  3. You can join the challenge as an individual or a team. You are also free to mix it up throughout the challenge! If you find or form a team later on, you can begin reporting as a team the next time you submit your step logs.
  4. The Challenge will run weekly, Monday thru Sunday each week, and teams/individuals will be able to submit their step logs until the Wednesday of the following week. (i.e., Week 1 of the Go! Fitness Challenge runs from 10/10 thru 10/16, and everyone will have until 10/19 to submit their step logs and be entered into that week’s prize competition and random drawings throughout the challenge.)
  5. Individuals and teams should submit their weekly step logs at: https://gcinmotion.garrettcountyapps.com/ by clicking on the step logs banner or visiting https://gcinmotion.garrettcountyapps.com/steps/ directly. NOTE, for teams, only the Team Leader should submit the log for that week. Individuals participating on their own should submit their own logs if they are not a member of a team.
  6. People can join the challenge at any time, so invite your family and friends! Remember you’ve got time, because we are running this thru the end of the year!

That’s all you need to know to get steppin’! We are so excited by the incredible demand for this program, and we can’t wait to embark on this fitness journey together!

If you have any additional questions, or want to connect with other Go! participants to form a team, explore the comment section below!

Pictured: Teresa Domenick, Linda Bolding Colaw, Mandy Dewitt
John Corbin (BS, CPT, MCPT, CSNC)

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