Walktober Day 24 – Community Favorites: Laurel Run & Wallman Area Trails

by Oct 24, 2021Walktober

Welcome back to Day 24 of Walktober!

Today, we’re heading back to Garrett Trails and highlighting the Laurel Run & Wallman Area Trails!

While I tend to prefer easy access, in-town trails, it’s important to highlight the many vivid nature experiences that Garrett County has to offer for those with an adventurous spirit! These trails offer a variety of ways to get outdoors (before it gets too chilly!) and get active!

Most of this trail follows old roads but there is a section of active road from Audley Riley Road to Wallman Road. Trails are on Potomac State Forest and primitive campsites are available by permit.

Laurel Run Road – Mountain bikers and off-road vehicle (ORV) users will particularly enjoy this dirt road that runs southward from its intersection with Wallman Road to its terminus near the Potomac River. Views from the road offer a chance to see dense areas of mountain laurel. This trail is open to motor vehicles.

Wallman Road – This trail travels downhill from Laurel Run Road to a small parking lot near the Potomac River. The forest cover in this area is ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife, including wild turkey, white-tailed deer and black bears. Good birding and wildflowers. Hikers and mountain bikers can make a circuit back to their starting point by using the 3.5 mile Loop Road.


Make sure you check out Garrett Trails’ website (https://www.garretttrails.org/laurel-run-and-wallman-area-trails.html) for more information on this trail and online maps!

How did you do with your fitness goals today? What’s your favorite local trail? Did you get in your 6,000 steps?, 10,000 steps?, or do something awesome to stay active? Join the discussion below, and you’ll earn 3 MORE prize points each day during Walktober!

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    • Deb

      Heard there are lots of rattlesnakes in the Wallman area. No thanks!!

  1. Jenny

    Love learning about these trails!

  2. Jen Sober

    So many wonderful options in GC. If dressed properly these can be enjoyed all winter long!!!! My favorite time to hike at Swallow Falls is in the winter. I wear yaktrax on my shoes to prevent me from slipping if there is any ice.

    • Sarah Humberson

      “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.” I enjoy winter hiking as well!

  3. Kathy Skipper

    Love hearing about all these trails. We got a walk in near our house today. Great day for a walk.

  4. K Pfaff

    I haven’t tried these trails yet. I’ll definitely keep them in mind.

  5. Amy Ritchie

    I got 2 walks in today and a total of 12,179 steps! It’s so much easier to reach my step goals on days I’m not at work!

  6. Thomas George

    The bucket list keeps growing! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Lacy Coffren

    Never knew there were so many options right here!

  8. Dee

    This area is very scenic. Lots of Mt. Streams, hills, Mt. Laurel. & pines. I like to go there in the winter. Snakes are all sleeping.Roads splits down to river.


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  1. Deb ❤️ 976
  2. K Pfaff ❤️ 853
  3. Dee ❤️ 850
  4. John ❤️ 790
  5. Shelley Argabrite ❤️ 746
  6. Jen Sober ❤️ 714
  7. Amy Ritchie ❤️ 676
  8. Sarah Humberson ❤️ 596
  9. Chelsie dever ❤️ 527
  10. Lacy Coffren ❤️ 511
  11. Lori Reichard ❤️ 504
  12. Susan Mills ❤️ 447
  13. Tammy Jo Walling ❤️ 436
  14. kay perry ❤️ 431
  15. Chrissy ❤️ 426
  16. Natasha Coddington ❤️ 421
  17. Jenny Fike ❤️ 421
  18. Jenny ❤️ 415
  19. Janine Beachy ❤️ 403
  20. Hannah Brown ❤️ 376
  21. Thomas George ❤️ 376
  22. Alisha ❤️ 354
  23. Thomas Dodge ❤️ 325
  24. Kiara ❤️ 289
  25. Lisa Welch ❤️ 259

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