Welcome back to Day 16 of Walktober!

Today, we’re heading back to Garrett Trails and highlighting the Meadow Mountain Trail by subscriber request!

Located in the Savage River State Forest, this 14-mile long trail runs along the crest of Meadow Mountain, following the Eastern Continental Divide in some areas with great views to both the east and west.


Make sure you check out Garrett Trails’ website (https://www.garretttrails.org/meadow-mountain-trail.html) for more information on this trail and a virtual tour!

How did you do with your fitness goals today? What’s your favorite local trail? Did you get in your 6,000 steps?, 10,000 steps?, or do something awesome to stay active? Join the discussion below, and you’ll earn 3 MORE prize points each day during Walktober!

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John Corbin (BS, CPT, MCPT, CSNC)

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