Welcome back to KICKSTART 2022 – a new campaign to help Garrett County get moving, make healthier choices, and work together to improve our community’s well-being in the New Year.

Throughout January 2022, we’ll be sharing TONS of great resources and tips to help you KICKSTART your new year with a community full of support!

Today is the second day of a brand new year – and we’re starting off with one of the best ways to improve your health and well-being – quitting tobacco (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vaping, etc…)!1

Garrett County Quit Now classes begin in two convenient locations this week, and are available for FREE! As the New Year begins, we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity, community of support, and free resources (including free cessation aids).

To learn more about the FREE Quit Now classes beginning this week, please visit: https://garretthealth.org/2022-new-years-resolution-join-a-class-to-quit-nicotine/

About KICKSTART 2022:

  • 5 BONUS Prize Points ? can be earned through the end of January 2022 by commenting on each day’s post, activity, etc…
  • Building off the success of our Walktober campaign, we’ll continue to share local resources to help you utilize all of the tools and resources available in Garrett County to start your new year off with people who want to help you meet your goals ❤️ – whether they’re about physical health, mental health, or both.
  • In addition to what you’ve seen with previous campaigns, we’re going to be expanding this campaign with one of our favorite motivational resources: ? Pinterest! We hope you’ll join us as we build a collection of great resources from community members, small businesses, and people who just want to help others succeed!

Join the discussion! We had a tremendous outpouring of community support, feedback, and great tips during Walktober. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below (and you’ll even earn 5 bonus points each day, if you are logged into your Go! account).

(Please note, your first comment on Go! GC is manually approved to prevent spam. After your comment is approved, you will automatically be awarded bonus Prize Points. Once you have one comment approved, all future comments will be automatically approved.)

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020, September 23). Benefits of quitting. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved January 2, 2022, from https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/quit_smoking/how_to_quit/benefits/index.htm
John Corbin (BS, CPT, MCPT, CSNC)

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